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ካብ ትዕዝብትታት ተሳተፍቲ ኤርትራ ሲምፖዝዩም 2023



Held on 17-19 February 2023, 'Safeguarding Eritrea’s Security and Sovereignty’ brought together representatives of political and civil society groups, as well as activist individuals from the global Eritrean Diaspora to participate in the following interrelated thematic panels on: 

  1. Factors of National Security of the State of Eritrea (Link)
  2. A Path to Durable Peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia (Link)
  3. Catalysing Home-Grown Transition to Constitutional Governance (Link)
  4. General Question & Answer Session
  5. Coalescence in Advocacy for Sovereign Eritrea’s National Security (Link)

The Keynote Address (click here) and the Symposium Communiqué (click here) are available in 3 languages: Tigrinya, Arabic, English. Interviews with participants can be viewed here: Interview 1 and Interview 2.