Map of Eritrea, and map of Africa highlighting Eritrea and the horn of Africa.

About Us

Eri-Platform AISBL, an international non-profit association, avails a forum for inclusive dialogue on important national, regional and international issues and events affecting Eritrea and the Horn of Africa. It advocates positive national conversation through online discussions and in-person seminars, to help mediate conflict, bridge divides, cultivate a shared vision in the pursuit of common goals among diverse political, civil, human rights, and media groups as well as individuals. It aims to promote multifaceted national discourse to, inter alia, nurture a shared understanding of, respect for and commitment to the rule of law, democratic principles and human rights.

Our mission

1. Promote inclusive dialogue through online interaction and in-person seminars and open discourse to foster a common understanding of the past, a mutual appraisal of the present and a shared vision of the future among Eritrean political, civil, human rights, and media groups, and individuals at home and in the Diaspora.

2. Raise international and regional awareness of the present political, economic, social, and human rights situation in Eritrea, promote solidarity with the Eritrean people’s aspirations for freedom, justice and prosperity and gain support for a peaceful democratic transition.

Our vision

Engage, via inclusive dialogue, Eritrean political, civil, human rights and media groups and individuals, at home and abroad, to build mutual trust and unity of purpose based on a shared vision. Promote respect for the rule of law, democratic principles, human rights and a culture of peace in Eritrea and the Horn of Africa.

Our core values

Our core values are inclusiveness, objectivity and fairness in the service of a dynamic national conversation through adherence to a consensual code of conduct that values civil discourse, mutual tolerance and respect for diversity.