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Oppose Unjust Sanctions on Eritrea


Oppose Unjust Sanctions on Eritrea

A tale of two insurrections. The Confederate army opened fire on the federal garrison at Fort Sumter in Charleston Bay on 12 April 1861, triggering the American civil war. The US Federal Government set out to suppress the insurrection. The TPLF launched a “lightening attack” on the Northern Command on 3 November 2020, triggering the Ethiopian civil war. The Ethiopian Federal Government set out to suppress the insurrection.

It is crystal clear as to who was destabilising the US in 1861-1865 and who is destabilising Ethiopia and the region at present. To condemn Eritrea for the “violence in northern Ethiopia” and undermining the “stability and integrity” of Ethiopia is to turn the facts on their head! The imposition of sanctions on Eritrea based on this perverse logic constitutes the height of hypocrisy and manifests the arrogance of imperial power.

If the concern were about the “stability and integrity” of a state, where was the US when the TPLF violated Eritrea’s integrity and did everything in its power to destabilise Eritrea for decades? It is quite tragic that the US does not learn from the disastrous failures and catastrophic consequences of its intervention in Iraq, Somalia, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, etc.

Patriotic Eritreans everywhere must stand with their people, country, and Defence Forces. This is not about supporting or opposing the dictatorship but about defending the integrity and sovereign existence of the State of Eritrea.

Original Source: Facebook