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Horn of Africa: Crisis and Prospects for Peace


Ambassador Andebrhan Welde Giorgis is President of Eri-Platform, an international civil society association working to promote dialogue on vital national, regional and international issues impacting Eritrea and the Horn of Africa. Eri-Platform works to foster understanding of, respect for and commitment to rule of law, human rights and democratic principles. Educated at the University of Colorado and Harvard University, Amb. Andebrhon has extensive experience as a freedom fighter, educator, central banker, diplomat, negotiator, mediator, consultant and political activist.

He has taught economics, management, African politics, diplomacy and international negotiations. Amb. Andebrhon is a founding member of the Board, European Centre for Electoral Support; Senior Expert, Global Governance Institute; Brand Ambassador, Wallonia; and senior research fellow at the Free University of Brussels. Ambassador Andebrhan is the author of several studies, articles and a book, Eritrea at a Crossroads, a treatise on self-determination, nation building, state construction, democratic governance and sustainable development in Africa and Eritrea.