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Eritrean Diaspora Youth Urge Boycott of PFDJ Festivals and Events


ኣብ ዲያስፖራ ዘለና ኤሪትራዊያን, ብህግደፍ ዝግበር ፈስቲቫል ተረኺብና ተቃውሞና ንግለጽ።

Eritrean diaspora around the world share their past experiences participating in Eritrean non-transparent government sponsored festivals while exposing the truth about the PFDJ sponsored festivals. This weekend, the Eritrean festival will be held in the Bay Area Aug 9th-11th (exact location is being withheld). Boycott this festival and all of the other PFDJ sponsored festivals as they benefit the oppressive regime of Eritrea through propaganda visuals on Eritrean government platforms causing political apathy amongst the Eritrean people inside and outside of Eritrea. Be aware, be informed, and please share this information. Join the Twitter discussion by looking up the hashtag or hash tagging #IsSheReady4Eritrea, #Yiakl, & #BoycottPFDJFests