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ቃ/መ ምስ ኣቶ ዳኒኤል ተኽላይ። ሓሙስ 06 ለካቲት 2020

Held on the 24 - 26 January 2020, the 'Eritrea Symposium 2020: Challenges of Change and Democratic Transition in Eritrea’ brought together representatives of political and civil society groups, as well as activist individuals from the global Eritrean Diaspora to participate in 7 engaging panels on:
   (1) Principal Actors and Stakeholders in Change and Transition (Link);
   (2) Catalysing Internal Change (Released: part 1 of 2);
   (3) Establishing a Constitutional Government (coming soon);
   (4) State of Play: Eritrea and Regional Geopolitics (coming soon);
   (5) Unity in Diversity versus Identity Politics (coming soon);
   (6) Transitional Justice and National Reconciliation (coming soon); and 
   (7) Eritrea Vision 2030 (coming soon).

For a general perspective on the Symposium, please see the Keynote Address below.
– Eritrea Symposium 2020 - Keynote Address in English (Link)
– ሲምፖዝዩም ኤርትራ 2020 – መእተዊ መደረ (Link)
– ደምዳሚ መግለጺ ሲምፖዝዩም / Communiqué (Link)