Eritrea at a Crossroads

Eritrea as a nation waged a hard struggle and made enormous sacrifices for the liberation, reconstruction and development of the country and the freedom, progress and prosperity of the people. It is thus very painful to witness, and quite unbearable to admit, that things have gone awry in independent Eritrea. However, there exists no viable alternative to confronting and striving to change this unpalatable reality.


What went wrong and why? How can it be rectified?


Eritrea at a Crossroads: A Narrative of Triumph, Betrayal and Hope traces the historical evolution of Eritrea from pre-colonial times to post independence. It attempts to locate Eritrea in its historical and geopolitical context, contributing to a better grasp of the ‘root causes and key drivers’ of the status quo and the challenges facing democratic State reconstitution. Furthermore, it aspires to provide the basis for an objective understanding of the current state of affairs and point the way forward.


At the same time, serves as a forum for greater outreach via informed, inclusive dialogue towards national reconstitution and revival. In this context, the objective of serialising Eritrea at a Crossroads, in the form of short chapter summaries, is to convey the essence of the work. This aims to stimulate a deeper interest in the narrative as a whole and encourage engagement, commentary and feedback. 


In facilitating group sessions, seminars, conferences and online discussions, the overarching goal is to stimulate constructive dialogue, grounded on basic knowledge of the salient features of modern Eritrean history and a common understanding of the current situation in the country. This would help cultivate a shared vision of a State of Eritrea based on constitutional order and democratic principles, committed to the rule of law and respect for human rights. The ultimate purpose is to contribute to a realignment of the present reality with the original ideals that powered the struggle for self-determination: freedom, justice, democracy and prosperity for all.