“Eritrea at a Crossroads: A Narrative of Triumph, Betrayal and Hope”

Ch. 16 An Uneasy Truce

An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.

– Mahatma Gandhi


ንዓይኒ ብዓይኒ ሕነ ምፍዳይ ንመላእ ዓለም ናብ ዓይነ-ስዉር ብምቕያር ይውዳእ።

ማሃትማ ጋንዲ 

Chapter 16


The role of the writer as Commissioner and the UN Mission in Eritrea and Ethiopia (UNMEE) in the effort to implement the Agreement on Cessation of Hostilities is described in Chapter 16: An Uneasy Truce. The chapter notes the failure of the parties to resolve key operational issues, of the UN Security Council to address them, and of the UN and the AU to honour their commitment to enforce the agreement, precipitating the inauspicious termination of UNMEE’s mission and turning a potentially successful peace building operation into a fiasco.


 (PDF: Tigrinya ምዕራፍ 16)

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